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Boost the quality of your printed packaging and let them shine on the shop shelves!


You spend a lot of time, money and effort analysing what makes your consumer buy more of your products. Competition is fierce, and winning the battle typically comes down to brand aspects like color and imaging on your packaging. It’s important to get it right, but doing so comes with a lot of challenges:

  • How do you organise centralised prepress in a smart way?

  • Controlling the package printing process is hard.

  • Inconsistent package quality puts pressure on your brand identity and diminishes your sales.

  • Communicating your specific packaging needs to your design and prepress agency and ensuring your printing company understands them is hit or miss.


What if we told you this eternal struggle to print your perfect package stops today? 



As our consultants have over 20 years of experience in the printed packaging industry and are experts on both prepress and packaging printing, but also perfectly understand the needs of brand owners, Co-ëfficiënt is your designated partner to help you with this problem.

During a consultancy trajectory, our experts join forces with your internal team (possibly expanded by your external partners for design, prepress and printed material) to optimise the full process with focus on brand color quality & consistency, cost reduction, but without loosing sight on your carbon footprint. 

This project can partly take place with you and (or) your partners, as well as remote.

The project can consist of training your employees or optimising the agreements with your suppliers, to implementing color measurement- & analysing software or the follow-up or analysis of test runs on press if necessary.

The duration of such a project is between 2 and 10 months, depending on the complexity and your current situation.



Before we can deliver a project proposal, we first have to carry out an assessment. This gives us the opportunity to analyse your current situation, where we can determine which modules are suitable for you and what parts are already ok.

This assessment takes place on-site and takes about 1 to 2 days.

The result of the assessment will be a detailed report (link naar animatie) with recommendations and a project proposal (link naar animatie) with clear actions, goals, planning, timeline and costs. 

During the days we are present at your office, you can get a taste of our knowledge and enthusiasm for yourself. Hopefully you’ll notice a ‘click’ with your internal project team, even before committing to a project of such importance. Nice extra, right?


Summary of Project Modules

  • Inventory and analysis of current packaging,  quality, printing techniques, colors, tolerances etc.

  • Training on color, prepress and printing, specifically tailored to the needs of brand owners.

  • Optimisation of (centralised) prepress & proofing + mock-ups 

  • Improving current SUK’s/designs and actual printing techniques

  • Converting current designs to ECG. Do you know what ECG can mean for you? link toevoegen naar goed youtube uitleg)

  • Optimisation of the cooperation with your design- and prepress agencies

  • Optimisation of the cooperation with your printers

  • (Manually) follow-up your color- / packaging quality

  • Implementation of a remote print approval system (more topical than ever during these COVID-19 times)

  • Implementation of integrated automised print approval system

  • How to use historical data as BO to further boost your quality and costs?

Proven approach

You can ask your suppliers to solve the problem for you, but that’s often not the best solution. Suppliers often have other interests than you and they don’t have the complete picture of your specific situation. 


With our approach, we give your own team the power to succeed. We believe this is the most effective way to improve your performance. Fast, cost effective, risk-free and it makes your team shine as an added bonus. We use objective measurement data and SPC tools during the project which enables you to follow-up your improvement by the numbers yourself.



Your brand cannot afford to make any mistakes. Even the slightest deviation from your quality standard is inadmissible. And rightly so: in order to beat the competition, a strong and unambiguous story is crucial. After our intervention, you’ll achieve that uniform color result more quickly and at less expense. So your brands are always wearing their Sunday best - without having to go through endless misery to get there.

You win customers

  • stronger brand identity

  • uniformity over all media

You save time and money

  • quality becomes measurable and objectively verifiable

  • clarity from the very first proof

  • less reprints due to wrong results

  • crystal-clear communication about color targets and tolerances

You reduce your carbon footprint

Remote print approvals become real; imagine the advantages this has for you in addition to cost savings and guaranteed quality in these COVID-19 times

Would you like to know more about our optimisation and how you can align all your suppliers?

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