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Co-ëfficiënt for Printers

Boost the efficiency of your entire printing process to become more profitable!


Between graphic design and the final package printed on film or carton lies a complex process. Today, this production process is full of uncontrolled variables. Too often it's a hassle to identify and eliminate errors during the printing process. Not only is this highly frustrating; it’s also time consuming and costs a lot of money.


Co-ëfficiënt helps you to solve these kinds of problems. During our intensive projects, we single out the stages in your production process that aren't optimal and correct them, so that your final color result is always consistent from the first pull. Thus saving you time and significant costs. Whether you are printing offset, flexo or gravure; our consultants will accompany you every step of the way!


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Our approach consists of a modular consulting trajectory in which experts of Co-ëfficiënt - together with your internal team of specialists - optimise the entire production process, partly on-site and remote.


During the project, all different divisions of your company will be thoroughly examined and optimised; from sales & prepress to the ink- & printing department. This can include training of your employees, finetuning workflows, as well as following-up and analysis of print trials on press.

Depending on your company size and your current situation, the duration of this optimisation is between 6 and 24 months.



Before we can deliver a project proposal, we first have to carry out an assessment. This allows us to analyse your current situation and define your desired goal, and next determine the modules for the parts of the process where extra attention is needed.

This assessment takes place on-site and takes about 2 to 3 days. 

If you want to get an idea of what kind of Project Modules we have created for you, you can consult a summary of our modules here


The result of the assessment will be a detailed report with specific recommendations and a project proposal with clear actions, goals, planning, timeline and costs. 

During the days we are present at your printing facility, you can get a taste of our knowledge and enthusiasm for yourself. Hopefully you’ll notice a ‘click’ with your internal project team, even before committing to a project of such importance. Nice, right?

Proven approach

No doubt you can handle all the problems in your printing process yourself, but if it were that easy, why are they still there? You can ask your suppliers to solve the problem for you, but that may not be the best solution. It could become frustrating since your supplier often has other interests, or your team is not involved enough to be able to sustain the result in the long term.


With our approach, we give your team the power to succeed. We believe this is the most effective way to improve your performance. Fast, cost effective, risk-free and it makes your team shine as an added bonus! We use your objective measurement data and SPC tools during the project, which allows you to follow-up your improvement by the numbers yourself.


What are the benefits? 


Primary benefits

Higher colour quality means happier customers (typically up to 30%)

  • Less rework due to colour issues

Cost reduction (typically up to 25%)

  • Save setup-film

  • Save setup-time on press

Improves Overall Equipment Efficiency (typically up to 35%)

Reduction of your carbon footprint

Secondary benefits 

Though these are hard to express in figures, there are more extra benefits than you could possibly ever imagine! Following our assessment, we can give you a complete overview of what these are exactly for your organisation.


Working with Co-efficiënt allowed us to improve our efficiency and realise a significant cost reduction. Our efforts to stay ahead of the curve have definitely paid off.


Jan Laeremans, CEO Vitrapack

Filip Lens.jpg

Co-ëfficiënt has standardized our printing processes to improve colour consistency for all our customers as well as reduce waste and set up time.


Filip Lens, CEO Korozo Group

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