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Boost your quality and reduce your costs!

be cost effective, be productive, be profitable!

About us


Co-ëfficiënt is a consultancy company based in Belgium, near Antwerp.  We offer a range of expert services with focus on quality improvement and cost reduction in printed packaging. 


We can rely on 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, both on a technical as on a strategic level. With our scientific background we assist printing companies & converters to optimise their production process. This way they can achieve the high quality required by their customers, reduce cost and boost efficiency.

Apart from providing expert services to packaging printers, we also give advice to brand owners to guarantee color consistency, in order to draw more customer attention to their products on the shop shelf.



We understand your requirements and provide quality works


For Printing Companies​

Optimisation of the entire production process, in order to reduce waste en setup time (flexo, gravure and offset)

Improving printing quality with the main focus on color matching to achieve the requirements of your most demanding customers

Implementation of color measurement and statistical process analysing software

For Brand Owners

Implementation of quality improvement workflows for your packaging, with focus on improving brand color integrity

Consulting on cost reduction by optimizing the number of colors used, or by streamlining various other technical features of your packaging​

Implementing innovative solutions for remote press approvals while still getting a quality guarantee. Thus reducing your travel costs, and enabling remote communication.


Tolerance Guide


To shed some light on our approach, we’re proud to introduce our Tolerance Guide. This practical tool helps to determine the right tolerance for your packaging, and simplifies the communication between printer and customer, which ultimately benefits both parties.

What exactly is the difference between ∆E2 and ∆E3? How does this visually affect your packaging? And is the effect the same with images as it is with brand colors? With our Tolerance Guide, you will see all these questions answered!

Curious? Follow the link below to get a first copy for free, accompanied by a personal explanation.

If you wish to have additional Guides for your colleagues or customers, you can order them for 140€ a piece.



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“Co-ëfficiënt is an honest passionated and enthusiastic partner. They are fantastic packaging experts who should always be contacted every time you need to solve whatever packaging problem.” 

Angelo Mazzacini, Packaging Production Director Perfetti Van Melle


“Together with our in-house Print Process Excellence team,
Co-ëfficiënt has standardized our printing processes to improve colour consistency for all our customers as well as reduce waste and set up time. The training will continue to ensure our success in the future.”

Filip Lens, CEO Korozo Group

“Working with Co-êfficiënt allowed us to improve our efficiency and realise a significant cost reduction. Our efforts to stay ahead of the curve have definitely paid off.”


Jan Laeremans, CEO Vitrapack


Co-ëfficiënt is a highly professional consulting company that supports your internal team in the introduction of a new way of working. Your costs truly reduce while in the same time your quality goes up."

Jan Vedder, Director OSG Europe, Trivium Packaging


Fun facts


 “Did you know that Johan Gutenberg based the design of his first printing press on the model of a wine press?” 

We work
with your team!

As our company name already suggests, we like to join forces with your team! Together we can ensure you achieve your goals in the most efficient and pleasant way.


Besides bringing enthusiasm, Co-ëfficiënt stands for clear communication, strict budgets and planning. We believe these ingredients make it possible to achieve your targets and make sure our project becomes a success.


I’m looking forward to building a successful partnership. If you need any extra information, please feel free to drop me an email or find me on LinkedIn. I hope to speak to you soon! "


Kindest regards, Jan Verdonck, Managing Consultant


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